Mobile Catalog App

A clean & interactive Android Catalog featuring your Products

We are living in an era of Mobile Computing. Everything from your groceries to consumer goods to industrial items, are increasingly marketed via the online platform. It therefore neccesitates to provide your customers with a Mobile App which lists your Company Products and Services, provides basic information, updates them with your latest releases and also inspires them with your offers and promotions. Studies have confirmed that Mobile transactions account for upto 45% of digital transactions, which are further expected to hike by the end of this decade.

We Customize the App to suit your product requirement, specifications, technicalities, category hierarchy and transaction pattern.

In this connectivity age, accessing your Products via a Swipe or touch is far more preferred than searching and browsing the pages. It reduces printing over-heads for making or minor amendments. Further fulfilling your clients petit queries is often sometimes frustrating, at same time in-effective answer leads to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately business loss. Keeping your requirement, clients expectations and ease-of-access in mind we, at BUYOOTI, have designed our ‘Mobile Catalog App’, which caters to this very need in a professional and easy-to-use manner.

Mobile Catalog App Features

Our Mobile Catalog App comes packed with a variety of features such as :
01. A unique and one-of-kind Product Calculator for calculating Product Pre-requisites using technical parameters.
02. Browse, Search products by Category, Name, Origin or any other Parameters. Optional Product options & relations can also be browsed. Priority options for Featured products & New Launches. Optional stock module can be integrated.
03. Functional and Flexible Cart with Order Mailing. Online payment gateway can also be integrated upon request.
04. Detailed Product Info. with Image Gallery, Specs, Filters and Enquiry options.
05. Outlet Locator provides closest store, company info and dealing brands.
06. Admin panel allows managing, editing, show/hide categories or products. Manage Images, upload data in batch mode, User Access Control.
07. Access/Download Technical Data and files with permission mode for Client Access.
08. Admin, Employee & User Privilege modes, with different Home Screens.

Our Mobile Catalog App comes with a variety of themes for you to choose from. We match the theme to align with your business style and your brand identity. We can offer you complete solutions to enable you to conduct your business operations in a smooth and efficient way. A productive marketing tool, the Mobile Catalog App keeps you and your customers up-to-date with your products. Latest & Featured Product listing enables your customers to know your Latest Releases, offers and promotions.

Select from a variety of our Standard Themes. Customized themes are also available upon request.

Standard Themes (Left to Right): Jonquil, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Fuchsia, Topaz, Monochrome.

For more details, contact us at or whatsapp us on +971 52 6396446